How many days of Uganda Safari are you looking for?

2-4 days Primates

Queen Elizabeth / Chimpanzee TrekkingGorilla tracking

5- 6 Days Big five of Africa

Rhinos/ Murchison Fall NP /Crater lakes/Queen Elizabeth

7- 9 Days Best of Uganda

Source of the Nile and…./Kidepo Valley/ Primates/ Big five of Africa

10 Days and plus

Best to cover all major destinations in Uganda …depending on your preferences¡

Lake Buyonyi / Lake Mburu / Mont Elton /Rwenzori Montains / Craters/ Bird watching

2. What kind of accommodation are you looking for?

Prices will be depending of the accommodation you choice in a range to go from camping (basic) lodgets(medium class) and luxory, just depending of your budget!.

YOU WILL DECIDE HOW TO DO YOUR TRIP but, let us know how much is your budget and we will suggest you the best combination to be succesfull!