More than just a Safari!

Uganda is an amazing country with a lot to offer and discover including its national parks, considered the safest and most tourist friendly country in Africa.

The pearl of Africa has ten national parks offering the best of East Africa.

The tropical forests and rift valley landscapes display the beautiful flora and fauna.

The parks offer traditional savanna safaris along with boat tours, forest walks, hiking and mountain climbing, wildlife research activities. Uganda hosts over one thousand bird species, many of wich can not be found in any other place on earth, making it one of the most exclusive places for birds lovers.

Uganda is home to thirteen types of primates.

Our trips are more than a safari to watch animals, we offer the essence of Africa from a different point of view.

We offer experience in culture and its idiosyncrasy, living a reality from inside.
That’s why we could call them adventure trekking and our proposals are affordable at any age.

We will inform you in detail before the trip, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises. 
We guide you with our previous experience and the incalculable help and total confidence in our local professional.